Have you seen a shift in your child's confidence?


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Did you know that character education is associated with higher levels of educational outcomes?

Learn how to help your child become a confident self-leader by first recognizing your parenting style.

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I'm Coach Jodie Randisi

I'm also known as the intuitive "Child Whisperer." My career in education has been about observing what it takes to connect with, motivate, and inspire human behavior. I design structures and strategies that maximize student engagement. I employ multi-sensory, solution-focused exercises and activities in a strengths-based approach to facilitate social and emotional growth. 

"Jodie consistently shows well-defined skills in planning and implementing creative programs while excelling at developing personal relationships with children and their parents. Her enthusiasm and sense of humor is an asset that will guide her throughout her career. Coach Jodie is a highly motivated woman with the leadership qualities this profession demands."

- Billie Jo Daum


You Can Help Kids Feel Safe in a World That Often Feels Scary

Learn how to nurture resilience so kids can grow into competent, caring, engaged adults. Because kids are most like us in our feelings and least like us in our thoughts, we must help them:

  • Overcome fears and mistakes.
  • Deal with stressful situations, change, and big emotions.
  • Replace negative-self-talk with positive self-talk.
  • Resist peer pressure.
  • Focus thoughts and manage behaviors.

What's Included?

Twelve virtual coaching sessions with Coach Jodie. 

Virtual coaching is done online through Zoom. Families are provided a custom link for each session that directs them to our interactive "coaching space". Tools needed: a microphone and video camera with the ability to screen share. 


Soaring Self-Confidence

In this module, we'll explore concepts, including:

  • Belief systems.
  • Identifying emotions.
  • Integrity. 
  • Mindfulness.

Coping Skills for Champions

In this module, we’ll gain an understanding of how to:

  • Embrace change.
  • Replace negative self-talk.
  • Overcome mistakes and fear.
  • Master self-coaching every day.

Step Into Your Power 

In this module, we'll delve into:

  • Empathy and social awareness.
  • Making good decisions.
  • Standing up to peer pressure.
  • Managing technology.

Empower your kid(s) with the essential life skills they'll use for the rest of their lives in only 5 sessions with Coach Jodie. You'll learn:

  •  The secrets to building a happy resilient family.
  •  The tools kids need to grow into competent, engaged, and caring adults.
  •  How to have age-appropirate conversations to help kids deal with negative emotions.

BONUS GIFT:  52 Things to Do When Kids Say I'M BORED!  Create and capture memories.

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Life Coaching for Kids

Empowered Kids


12 sessions


Best Kid Ever


5 sessions


If you aren’t completely satisfied with Jodie Randisi's coaching programs, let us know within the first 14-days for a refund. All refunds are based on completion and documentation of assigned Action Steps.