Jodie Randisi

Education Architect
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What People Are Saying:

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Lorna Moon
Life Coach for Teens and Moms

I was thrilled to have Jodie as a guest on my show Unlock Your Life Purpose. Her ministry to prisoners is transforming lives that have been mostly forgotten. She's making a huge difference in the world. I could listen to her stories all day.

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Jimmy MacPhee
On the Rock Ministries

I met Jodie Randisi before COVID hit and a few months prior to my release from prison. I had many opportunities to interact with teachers and volunteers, which is why say Mrs. Randisi's classes were exceptional. She came prepared, excited to teach. Her teaching gift made a lasting impression on her students.

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Sally J. Wilson
Addiction Counselor, MSW

Jodie has once again unleashed her teaching gift in her PRISON BOOK CLUB eLearning course. Her course will impact  many lives in and out of prison. It's not just for those lacking faith in their ability to overcome addiction. It's also for those who suffer because of substance abuse.

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Linda Yazzie
Author, TOTAL PARDON, An Extraordinary Love Story
COWCATCHER Publications

I can't thank Jodie enough for what she did for me and my husband Wil. Our ministry was much more effective because of our book. It's amazing how the Lord is using the PRISON BOOK CLUB course to expand our ministry beyond Wil's passing. The eLearning course will reach people we never would have met or ministered to otherwise.

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Kathryn Hatcher
Retired Educator and Business

Finding and living your purpose in life is so important, especially for educators, or as Jodie says—people who know they were born to influence. Coach Jodie provides opportunities for these important people to re-energize their teaching gifts. A roadmap filled with purpose, that's one way to enjoy any new milestone in life.