The Art of Penmanship

legacy Mar 13, 2021

To write thoughtfully and coherently, we must focus on the present moment.

Taking pen to paper ignites cognitive brain processes that combine our mind with our hand, one word at a time. Handwriting is about figuring out how to fill a finite space while allowing for variation in letter and word size. And let’s not forget about the creativity that’s unleashed when we slow down to personalize communication using our old-fashioned decorative penmanship skills.

1. Writing by hand promotes physical and mental benefits.

When we doodle, we are, in fact, engaging in cognitive strength training.

2. Letters and postcards are historical evidence.

Unlike today's technological communications, letters and postcards remain to be read, appreciated and preserved.

Postcards offer only so many square inches, forcing us to truly think about the message we want to share and how we want to phrase it. Whether displayed in museum honoring famous historical figures or saved in a scrapbook between two friends, letters and postcards preserve memories in a way that technological communication cannot.

3.  Handwriting letters work our relationship muscles.

Handwritten letters are a wonderful way to show praise, acknowledge kindness, demonstrate gratitude, and form the building blocks for long-term relationships in our personal and professional lives. Sharing our thoughts in a letter will be remembered long after an email, blog post, or text is deleted.