Emotional Shrapnel

legacy May 31, 2021
My husband has a best buddy who is a disabled Vietnam veteran, two-time Purple Heart and Bronze star recipient. He's been diagnosed 100% psychologically disabled. He's 100% recovered from the shrapnel wounds scattered throughout his body. He was exposed to Agent Orange but has no trace of it left in his body, unlike his remaining buddies who have died because of Agent Orange.
We have a theory. It may be because the amount of alcohol he has consumed has wiped it out, who knows. We worry about our friend because he's an alcoholic. Drinking eases the pain of survivor's syndrome.
Our highly decorated, dysfunctional veteran friend bought a townhouse in Hilton Head Plantation-1900 square feet of space for him to live according to his desires and he chose me as his Realtor. Each time we hang out in his home, I well up with tears. I know what having a home has done for this brave sensitive man.
I've been spared the details of the horrific situations our friend found himself in as a young 19-year-old soldier. However, my husband has listened to him relive the worst of the worst. And so, today, I honor their friendship and his sacrifice by sharing this with you. I'm blessed with the freedom to choose where and how I live because of what our brave men and women have done for our country.
You may know someone like our friend, someone who survived while friends or family didn't. May I encourage you to not give attention to their outward symptoms but pay tribute to their character and strength instead? And if you're a person who prays, pray for God to heal their internal wounds. I'm talking about the emotional shrapnel that lingers.