US National Parks, the Bucket List Quilt

legacy Jun 22, 2021

Bucket lists are a great way to create a legacy...

...but I help people preserve their legacy, so I thought it might be helpful to share a creative way to preserve a bucket list.

My daughter has an impressive bucket list with an item that is partially complete. She would love to have the freedom to visit all the US National Parks but she's no where near the age of retirement. She has a long way to go, so the next best thing, from her mother's perspective (me), would be to design and create a quilt with visuals that will keep adding fuel and inspiration to her vision.

I stumbled upon this graphic illustration on Creative Market. 

Since then, I downloaded an updated version of the same graphic. Apparently, two  parks were subsequently added by the artist. Now, my file depicts the 63 National Parks of the US, but I have no plans to redesign or remake her quilt. However, I might decide to share the process with others so they, too, can make a quilt like I did. 

Designing a quilt from the files I purchased wasn't easy. Math was definitely involved. I started with an overall quilt size, and in my case, locating the fabric to print on was key.

I bought rolls of PhotoFabric by Blumenthal Craft, then used my inkjet color printer to create the quilt blocks. I sewed the blocks together and hand-quilted the three layers together with amateur stitches, and gave my daughter a gift she can use to preserve her legacy. Even if she doesn't get to visit every single US National Park soon, she can certainly enjoy planning a few trips just by looking at her quilt.

All worth it!

Thinking like a grandparent here.

It's never too early to start preserving legacies. How about a kid quilt to commemorate that they know their alphabet along with their first or annual visit to the seashore? Just add the name, date, and location in the spaces left and right of the title or Zooplankton. If you want to check out where I get these wonderful illustrations, CLICK HERE. Please note, I will get a small commission from Creative Market if you happen to buy the Huge Educational Bundle as I have decided to promote their wonderfulness as an affiliate.