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Jodie Randisi is an author, speaker, and educational consultant known for her unique ability to cultivate hidden potential in marginalized communities. Throughout her career, Jodie has studied what it takes to connect with, motivate, and inspire positive human behavior. As an author coach and specialty publisher, Jodie helps writers become distinguished authors. As a speaker, Jodie's ability to blend humor with serious issues touches and enlightens audiences.

In 2018 Jodie gave a TEDx talk entitled The Art and Science of Kindness. Jodie transferred her expertise as a veteran schoolteacher to help educators remodel their transformational lessons from on-site events to highly engaging eLearning experiences. Jodie is passionate about educators extending and preserving their inspirational legacy all the way through retirement. 

Here are some reasons you can depend on Jodie to help you revitalize your teaching gift:

  • REPUTABLE – Jodie Randisi is a respected leader in her field and community. She established COWCATCHER Publications in 1992 to help people who were "born to influence" remove obstacles commonly found in publishing. COWCATCHER Publications is best known for capturing and preserving amazing true stories.
  • EXPERIENCED – Jodie is recognized for ability to cultivate hidden potential in marginalized communities with learning opportunities that result in remarkable transformation and renewed proficiencies. She was awarded South Carolina's Toastmaster of the Year for establishing prison Toastmaster clubs in SC.
  • INTEGRITY – Jodie's coaching style is strengths-based and culturally sensitive. She specializes in multi-sensory learning that is solution-based therapy.
  • RESOURCES Jodie offers a wide variety of development and training programs built on timeless principles that get results.
  • CUSTOMIZABLE - Everything COWCATCHER Publications has to offer is customized to specifically address individual and organizational needs.
  • 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE– COWCATCHER Publications wants every client to be completely satisfied with their services. They will do whatever it takes to make clients happy. No hassles, no problems.
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Self Care for Your Best Life —Six Essential Strategies for Educators

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  • Be Present in the Moment
  • Prioritize Your To-Do List
  • Tell Yourself the Truth
  • Create Habits Rather Than Goals
  • Set and Communicate Boundaries
  • Make It Easy to Take Care of Yourself

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